Business and Technology Consulting
HC MedNet maintains a seasoned Business and Technological Consultancy aimed primarily at assisting our clients in the Healthcare Professional Services industry. Our consultants possess tremendous depth in the formulation of innovative and effective solutions to the challenges facing our clients. Specific industry expertise includes:

  • HIPAA compliance
  • Claims adjudication and repricing
  • Third-Party Administration operations
  • Preferred Provider Organization operations
  • Contract negotiation
  • Information architecture and security
  • Practice Management

Systems Integration
As your healthcare services claims information partner, we offer special expertise and assistance in unifying disparate information systems. By integrating systems, cross-platform consistency of data reduces costs associated with manual data manipulation and transfer. Our services extend to common and uncommon information systems and platforms ranging from PCs to mainframes via any communications network infrastructure.

Systems Migration
Inevitably our clients’ organizations outgrow their legacy information management systems. As they do so, we at HC MedNet are standing by to assist in the migration of information from any existing state to your next generation system. Often our clients wish to participate in the enhanced productivity and efficiencies enabled by our own suite of products. Others find added value through internal custom information systems upgrades. Regardless of the specific drivers, sources and targets, HC MedNet’s experienced team of systems architects stands ready to assist in the smooth and prompt migration of your legacy information systems and associated data.

HIPAA EDI Consulting
Our substantial experience with the details of the ANSI Healthcare EDI specifications brought about by the HIPAA legislation positions HC MedNet to provide invaluable assistance to our clients as they progress to full regulatory compliance. Our staff has been closely involved in the adaptation of the EDI specifications to our own comprehensive suite of products during the past few years, and is well prepared to share our extensive experience for our clients’ benefit. Additionally, our background with this aspect of the HIPAA guidelines greatly enhances our ability to assist with our clients’ external data interfaces in a fashion that guarantees regulatory compliance as well as secure and successful communications.

Decision Support
Your clinical, administrative and financial data becomes the basis of our
gaining a complete picture of your healthcare business. We focus on
identifying areas of improvement that produce the optimum return on
investment in terms of cost reduction and quality improvement. Our services

    • Identifying Clinical and Financial Risk
    • Evaluating Clinical and Practice Patterns
    • Analyzing Medical Expense
    • Streamlining Administrative Processes